Our Story

Time is the most universally binding, yet intensely personal concept there is.
Time gives us perspective on our existence.


The watch is a portable timing instrument built to be worn by a person. It is designed to keep a consistent and precise movement despite the motions caused by a person’s chosen activities. Watches are therefore, the perfect embodiment of a shared community, as well as, an expression of one’s identity; how you choose to ‘carry’ your time.

‘‘The pinnacle of all design is in its function, and the function of a timepiece is to keep track of your most valuable resource in life — your time. The watch, therefore, is the most important design item a person could own.’’

— Mirzan Meer, Founder.


The Watch Library shares alternative timepieces curated from around the globe, and is the exclusive retailer for some of these brands in Malaysia and even South-East-Asia. The brands are selected for their unique designs and high-quality craftmanship: ultimately blending function and style. We believe that as individuals advance through life, the products that can both express who we are and also stand the test of time, are the products we build personal experiences with — a meaningful sort of relationship.